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About Alliance Spine & Joint

Recovery beds at Alliance Spine & Joint

Who We Are

Alliance Spine & Joint is one of the premier medical providers for interventional pain management, orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery in South Florida. Our providers and highly trained staff are dedicated to providing each patient with world class care.

About Our Doctors

All of our surgeons are board certified and fellowship-trained in their specialty. Our surgeons are Board Certified in their specialty ranging from Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Spine Surgery, and Orthopedic Surgery with fellowship training in sports medicine.  Specializing in minimally invasive surgery and outpatient surgery.

About Our Staff

Our high trained medical staff are qualified and licensed with quarterly training to continue providing our patients quality care to all our patients.  The medical and surgical services at Alliance Spine & Joint staff include physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, certified surgical technicians, registered medical assistants, patient concierge, and other health care professionals to aid patients both post injury and post-surgery recovery.

Conservative Treatment Approach

Our approach is to combine the least invasive with the most effective and medically proven treatment available, specifically tailored for each patient. Consistent with the beliefs and philosophy of Alliance Spine & Joint, physicians at Alliance Spine & Joint are dedicated to using conservative treatment techniques in the most efficient ways, with the ultimate goal of safely restoring patients to their highest possible levels of normal functioning.  When conservative measures fail minimally invasive surgical techniques are recommended to get the patient back to normal.

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