How to get back in the game following a sports injury

Sportsmen and women will tell you there is no greater pain than losing – until they pick up a serious injury that prevents them competing. Then they realize that there’s no greater pain than not being able to play or train anymore. That’s when they need to get fixed, get fit and get back in the game. Sporting injuries can occur at any age and on pretty much any part of the body and, after the initial pain has subsided, the crucial part of getting you back in the game is the correct rehabilitation programme. Get that wrong and you can delay your return to the sporting arena or, worse still, find yourself with other injuries that keep you out for longer. So, if you’ve picked up an injury and want to get back playing, your best bet is to consult a trusted professional.

At Alliance Spine & Joint, our highly trained medical staff are fully qualified and licensed to provide you with the very best in sports injury rehabilitation. But we don’t stop there. Tiger Woods didn’t stop training after his first Masters win and Roger Federer didn’t rest on his laurels after picking up his first Grand Slam title. And our staff are the same. Their commitment to outstanding service means they follow an ongoing quarterly training program to keep them on top of their game and aware of all the latest developments and practices.  Our medical and surgical staff at Alliance Spine & Joint staff include physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, certified surgical technicians, registered medical assistants, patient concierge, and other health care professionals to make sure patients get the best care post injury and post-surgery where required.

But in our profession, just like in sport, there is no single road to success which is guaranteed to work every time. Which is why all our treatments are unique and built around each individual patients’ needs. We aim for the least intrusive but best medically proven treatment to try to restore each patient to their peak wherever possible.

Whatever sport you play, your spine and your joints are crucial to your ability not just to participate but to achieve maximum performance. But more importantly than that (and yes we get it, it may not seem more important right now but it is) they are the joints which are going to keep you mobile and active later in life – long after your sporting prowess has passed. So, for your own sake it’s important that you get the right treatment and the right time. The world is littered with former sports people who live a life of pain because they thought they knew how to manage their own treatment using a technique their old gym teacher used in the 1950’s. Don’t join them. If you’ve suffered any kind of sporting injury or if back or joint pain is preventing you living a full active life, get in touch with us at 833 774 6301 or visit

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